Saturday, 24 April 2010


So I’ve decided to start a blog. I’m finding it a little bit difficult – give me a pen and paintbrush any day. But it seems to be what the hip kids are doing these days. Apart from starting my blog, I’ve been working on a few new drawings this week. I’ve been in London for over a year now, but have yet to really capture the city in my sketchbooks, mainly due to lack of time which is a bit frustrating, but I’m working on it. I’m liking the bandstand on Clapham Common, near where I live so that might be the sketch I take to the next stages. It’s a lovely grand affair that wouldn’t look out of place in Victorian Brighton.

Clapham is a great place – although we may be upping sticks very soon and moving further south! Once a true North London lad, I’ve since developed a bit of a soft spot for the South of the city. Not as touristy, and a place that feels like home. Looking for a new pad like this means I get to see more of the city and what surprises it holds. I mean – who’d have thought Penge would have had such stunning almshouses plonked in the middle of it. Sydenham is another suburb of up and coming-ness that seems to have escaped gentrification…until now. The East London line is on its way and if the Dolphin pub’s lovely beer garden is anything to go by, it will soon have more to offer than pound shops and nail bars.

London has shrank a lot since I moved here. Even though a 30 minute journey in York meant going to a completely different city, here it’s just a normal journey to work. It’s a nice day – so I’m going to go for a wander and see what inspiration I might find on my way…pubs are inspiring too you know. At the minute, my favourite is Hootenanny in Brixton. As unpretentious as they come, a top quality live music venue, mainly showcasing an fantastic array of ska bands. Hang around til late and sample some jerk chicken cooked on a makeshift bbq in the car park – top night! But enough pub talk, I’m off for that wander now. Blog 1 – done.